History and tradition are the two main aspects that make Fedrigoli Costruzioni S.p.A one of the most established companies in the Verona area.

Already in 1905 Lorenzo Fedrigoli began with a small construction company which developed in the post-war period, from 1945 under the direction of Mario Fedrigoli, dealing with the reconstruction of public and private buildings in the area destroyed by bombing. Since 1981 the company has been managed by Eng. Guglielmo Fedrigoli who, in the years of economic development, characterized by new construction challenges, managed to increasingly develop his business, making the company an LLC. Finally, since 2004 we have reached the current corporate situation, Fedrigoli Costruzioni S.p.A, which sees the presence of the last generation of the family, Marco and Mario.

Precisely this long path has made it possible to develop a company with excellent knowledge and capabilities given by the experience acquired over the years, by the skills, by the financial solidity that distinguishes it and by the prestigious collaborations, such as the one with the architect Aldo Rossi, which created one of the most important residential complexes in the Verona area.

The company today boasts a high diversification of creations, from commercial to residential construction, from the tourism and hotel sector to the construction of sports and rehabilitation facilities: all challenges are sought to be overcome.


The experience has been handed down from generation to generation and, over the years, intense synergies have developed between engineers, architects and surveyors to be able to collaborate on the complete development of the various projects.

Together they are committed to combining their ideas and skills in order to achieve the set objectives and fully satisfy the needs of customers.
The company structure is mainly divided into two areas: the technical one, made up of designers, technical office employees and site managers, and the administrative one.

The management controls all phases of construction, paying particular attention to the management of construction sites where particularly cutting-edge vehicles and equipment are used.

For all members of the team the fundamental aspect is to offer excellent customer service.
Sales are also mainly managed by the company and this allows us to dedicate ourselves to the needs of clients by collaborating in construction choices. Continuous improvement is constantly sought to make the company increasingly solid and collaborative, pursuing the objectives of satisfying its customers and trying to increasingly develop the speed in the delivery of its work.

Customer care

Fedrigoli Costruzioni S.p.A is attentive to all phases that may interest the customer to satisfy his requests and is always available from the beginning to the end of the project and after the sale. The services listed below are included in the contract or purchase.

Designer Assistance

Problem Solving package
When a working relationship is established, Fedrigoli Costruzioni makes an employee of the internal technical office available to the designers who will follow the entire work in the development of the various phases.
This person will be a privileged contact with whom the designers will be able to communicate for any information, clarification, advice or proposal and who will collaborate in the development of ideas and executive solutions on the construction site, pursuing the objective with an excellent quality/price ratio.

Safety package
During the implementation phase of a project it is also important to follow all current safety regulations. Precisely for this reason, Fedrigoli Costruzioni provides an internal safety manager who collaborates closely with the "Safety coordinator during execution" designated by the client himself.

Clearness package
The client who collaborates with Fedrigoli Costruzioni will be provided with an organizational chart of the construction site. In this way it will be clear who are responsible for carrying out the work and who can be interacted with if necessary. The following will then be indicated:
– Project manager, the person who has the function of drafting and controlling the organizational part of the supplies and construction timescales;
– Construction site manager, the person who collaborates with the project manager in the development of the various tasks but who has a more practical and direct role on the construction site, always guaranteeing his/her presence;
– Construction site manager, the person who supervises the overall order of the construction site, the safety of the work and their quality.

Business package
In this case the entire organizational part of the construction site is developed and the contracts, from an economic point of view, are closed directly by the client. Based on these, the percentage of the service is calculated.

Private Assistance

Option Care package
In the event that a private individual wants to purchase a single home or building, the company understands even more the need to be close to the customer and help and direct him in his choice. An internal technician will follow the buyer in all his needs and communicate any variations in the accommodation to the management who will update the projects.

Technical Assistance package
The customer will have a dedicated company number available to easily deal with any problems that may arise in the post-sales phase. After the phone call, if necessary, the exit of the site manager is guaranteed to check and organize any timely interventions.

Turnkey renovation
Fedrigoli Costruzioni S.p.A also deals with the renovation of apartments of various sizes. The service provided is complete: from the presentation of the bureaucratic documents to the execution of the works. It guarantees short turnaround times and high quality.


The company's main objective is to achieve a high level of quality in construction by further reducing delivery times and trying to completely satisfy the needs of its customers. Continue to improve and never settle down in order to be able to follow the needs of a market that is now changing


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